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792 Spiritual thing (initially written 10.7.21)
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-"American Little of: Optimist the the; Reflections Hatches Horses (Fog XVIII)", xnmcv 8.22.2021 poem

This .jpg/.jpeg file you see here is a compressed image, because xnmcv compresses files. The image (named iu2.jpg) is of a '90s warehouse rave photo and the outlined green box in the center going "xnmcv:pure-hearted soul", plus the word "enjoy" is in the monochrome warehouse rave pic left to the box, meaning that the message in the middle of this .jpg image is "enjoy xnmcv:pure-hearted soul".
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This website was created on July 26, 2021 as a Neocities domain. It's lightweight because all the pages and files are of small size and it uses few resources, leaving a low footprint on page-loading speed, plus making it feasible on classic modems including 14.4k, 28.8k, 33.6k, and 56k. It got compliant with HTML 3.2 and the Netscape Navigator 3.0 browser on August 24&25 of the same year, because old school computers can see it, even though since the creation of the site it is possible that it has already been seen on the adformentioned "old school computers". The weird look is from messing around with the table tags, and the Courier font is located everywhere such as my logo. The smallest page is 404/not_found, the html missing page error link at 404 bytes. The website size was less than 10 kilobytes (kb) prior to September '21, then it reached 100kb in October '21. Months later, it will become 1mb, and then 10mb, and then 100mb, and then less than 1gb. Most of the site's size is due to images, and rest has went to text files. The average page size is 4.04kb, which, funnily enough, is the size of this page!
Early on I had two computers in use for the xnmcv project: a 256gb MacBook Air 2020 laptop from mid-2021, and a now-outdated (formerly windows10, now tinyCoreLinux) desktop since early2016 w/ intel i7-6700k, msi nVidia geForce gtx960 2gb, and 16gbRam; there used to be some usb file-transfering going on between computers for the project, but since I broke some settings in the desktop's 360 Total Security program, I can't access Windows, which is the reason why I turned it into a working Linux PC. Since 10.18.21, I have used only the laptop for xnmcv, and the desktop is now outside the project. I'm considering using another desktop, but maybe I could use the 2016 pc again, I don't know.