xnmcv:pure-hearted soul
Hey, it's me in 5.14.22 here, and you (optionally) should go to my self-hosted xnmcv website as it has more stuff to come; I also now have an xnmcv YouTube channel since late March 2022. I will sometimes update this site time-to-time, but will also concentrate on those two things.
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792 weird (initially written 10.7.21)
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-"American Little of: Optimist the the; Reflections Hatches Horses (Fog XVIII)", xnmcv 8.22.2021 poem

This .jpg/.jpeg file you see here is a compressed image, because xnmcv compresses files. The image (named iu2.jpg) is of a '90s warehouse rave photo and the outlined green box in the center going "xnmcv:pure-hearted soul", plus the word "enjoy" is in the monochrome warehouse rave pic left to the box, meaning that the message in the middle of this .jpg image is "enjoy xnmcv:pure-hearted soul".
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