Can you guess what english letters are part of the romanji names of the current Milky Way central sun deity and the current Universe central sun deity, and what are their hair colors and eye colors?: use the Divinity Guesser to find out (10.7.21)
Romanji +l, q & x: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
256-color palette:

note: l, q & x are italicized because they are not part of Romanji and Japanese, but are part of the English alphabet. Remember, Romanji is a writing system for converting Japanese language into English letters. However, historically q & x used to be included in Romanji.
xnmcv's comment, initially written 10.8.21, since rewritten as of 10.12.21: "I now found out that the name both central sun deities include the following letters: i, k, m, & o, four letters forming "miko". What's more? Both persons have shining bright colors for hair and eyes! If male, then there are categories like mikoto, and if female, we get categories like himemiko; both terms "mikoto" and "himemiko" include the word "miko", so I declared "i, k, m, & o" to be those letters I found out as part of their names. In truth, I think that these two persons in particular are goddesses, and I sense that they're himemikos, so I'll call the Milky Way one "M-himemiko" and the Universe one "K-himemiko" for now because "both terms "mikoto" and "himemiko" include the word "miko"". Someday Seiko Nakanishi will make illustrations for these deities, and their full names will be typed into an article on Shanti Phula like a Heavenly Message by Seiko Nakanishi. Their complete names, even though they're different from each other, overall feature several letters from the Romanji alphabet; either one of the two can be including the following letters: a, e, h, n, s, t, and u."
10.19.21 xnmcv comment: "M-himemiko and K-himemiko have noticed I nicknamed them "M-himemiko" and "K-himemiko" respectively and they saw that I'm a regular good person who seeks to improve already, so they have delivered a lot of light to me and my room recently. This is bettering a very decent condition."
10.25.21 update: A non-"Divinity"-related version of the Divinity Guesser, the Guesser, has appeared on the main index page of xnmcv.neocities.org.
10.25.21 xnmcv comment: "Fun fact: My reading of the website Shanti Phula made me want to do a real good website, but my website idea didn't get fully realized until 2021 with xnmcv.neocities.org. Even though it's Phula-like, I wanted my style to take shape, so I made the xnmcv site with influences from that site inserted into my visual webpage design; the choice of colors is like Phula in terms of style, but the most Phula-like page in terms of substance is this 792 page which features spiritual things like the "Divinity Guesser"."