This lightweight website created on July 26, 2021 got compliant with HTML 3.2 and the Netscape Navigator 3.0 browser (and none more recent) on August 24 and 25 of the same year, so that old school computers would see it.
xnmcv=christopher nicholas maeder cardoso (b.1/22/96@california), culture-work maker (+electronic influences) who nicknamed himself 404Glaciergargamel & other aliases. The name xnmcv is an mispelled abbreviation of "Placeholder Nicholas Maeder Cardoso Version".
I don't trust so many things because of their outrageous slander towards accuracy: several people are criminals/liars in 1 degree or more, the matrix is horrible for how corrupt and illegal it is, and their works are toxic enough to prove they're not heroes as they make people think, they're rigged with libel towards life. The Heavenly World has no place for this nonsense, and I'm not supporting full disclosure because the ones who made most of the files in that "disclosure" are notorious for delivering inaccurate messages and dangerous behaviors. Thankfully, the entire piece of garbage known as the "matrix" is finally dying in the way it deserved to be: collapsing like they would never believe; it's already weakened at this point, but now their loyalty will be extinct because their flaws are ineffective for people like me. I have no time for this violation of law, and I intentionally remain a peaceful pure-hearted soul so I'm comfortable, fun, relaxing and the like.
I have two computers in use for the xnmcv project: a 256gb MacBook Air 2020 laptop from mid-2021, and a now-outdated windows10 gaming desktop since early2016 w/ intel i7-6700k, msi nVidia geForce gtx960 2gb, and 16gbRam; the latter computer has spent the majority of its time offline because of the difficulty of using such a pc online, so I use the former computer to privately and safely download files onto my MacBook Air with usb plugged, then I transfer the files to the latter one via usb for usage, though files for the macOS are free to be kept in my MacBook as usable. Some such as the website is made with the MacBook, whereas some others like "%20th" were done using the desktop.
Poems "American Little of", "Never you Muffet light milk.", and "Alumnus Liberty the spindle the", are weird scrambled words mostly drawn out from the board game Finish Lines, some of the words were changed for my safety of my values. For example in the first of the three poems, the word "breastplate" was switched from "breast", a word which appeared in a card from the game, even though the game probably didn't intend to harm one's morals. I'm ethical/moral with spiritual beliefs, and very influenced by Daishoushin (deity, art director) and Masotoshi Takeshita (human, spiritual leader) when it comes to my mere respect of the truth and rules. Soon, the future is gonna be like those two individuals.
Favorite song's "Heckle and Koch" by A Guy Called Gerald. I love electronic music, including old-school/retro/vintage/antique ones.
October 6, 2021 update: In my desktop, I broke some of the settings in the program 360totalSecurity, then I restarted my computer, and I couldn't get into windows10, so I now striken out the name "windows10" because it's become too stressful to deal with it. Someday I'm gonna turn the desktop into a linux one with more online presence, and maybe upgrade the specs. I'm considering the option of, in the future, using secondary desktops. Reformation of Earth and liberation of humans are two good things responsible for the "collapse". I wasn't kidding when I said that word "collapse", it's definitely something.
October 7, 2021 update: I justed turned the desktop into a linux computer, easy! Been using tinyCoreLinux with no issue!

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